September 9, 2011

Get Help with your Criminal Mischief Charges

Utah Criminal Mischief Lawyer

Utah criminal mischief defense lawyer.

Criminal mischief can take the form of vandalism or any other property damage.

The offense of criminal mischief is one of those broad offenses that can be charged as a catch all crime.  It typically involves destroying property to defraud an insurer or tampering with property which recklessly endangers human life or human health and safety.

Another way that one commits criminal mischief is by recklessly causing or threatening a substantial interruption or impairment of any critical infrastructure and intentionally damages, defaces, or destroys the property of another or recklessly or willfully shoots or propels a missile or other object at or against a motor vehicle, bus, airplane, boat, locomotive, train, railway car, or caboose, whether moving or standing. “Critical infrastructure” includes communication systems, banking and financial systems, transportation systems, public utility systems, sewage systems, health care facilities, public health facilities, food distribution systems, and other government facilities.

Basically, if you mess with the property, especially government property, you can be charged with criminal mischief.  At Utah Defenders our criminal defense lawyers have all the experience you will need to ensure that your rights are protected.  Our criminal attorneys work hard to make sure no innocent person is convicted under our watch.  We will do the same for you.

Degrees of Criminal Offense

If you damage property to defraud an insurer you are looking at being charged with a third degree felony an up to five years in prison.  If you damage property which endangers human life you can be hit with a class A misdemeanor.  If you damage property in a way that endangers human health or safety it is a class B misdemeanor.  Criminal mischief for destruction of governmental property can range anywhere from a second degree felony to a class B misdemeanor.  It depends on how much damage you do.  It does not take a lot for it to be a second degree felony.  You only have to do more than $5,000 in damage.

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