June 13, 2011

Communications Fraud Defense from St George to Logan

Communications Fraud

Communications fraud attorney in Utah

Communications fraud is when someone devises a scheme to defraud another and communicates false pretenses to the victim to order to obtain his money or property.

Communications fraud encompasses a wide range of bad actions including devising a scheme to defraud someone of money or property through false pretenses, fraudulent pretenses, fraudulent representations, fraudulent promises, etc.

Unfortunately, like pyramid schemes, this type of crime is prevalent in Utah and district attorneys all over the state bring these kinds of charges often against individuals.

The severity of the penalty is determined by the value of the property sought to be obtained by the alleged fraud.  It is a lot like theft in that regard.  Thus, if the value of the property sought after was less than $500 the crime is considered a class B misdemeanor.  The category of crime goes all the way up to a second degree felony if the value was more than $5,000.

Get Rich Quick Business Schemes

A lot of communications fraud cases are brought against businessmen who offer get rich quick schemes and take on investors’ cash to buy real estate or some type of product.  Such schemes are often directed at elderly individuals with extra cash.  The problem in such cases is distinguishing between legitimate business offerings and those that are illegitimate.  We have seen many legitimate businessmen being accused of communications fraud even though their business was operated ethically and provided value.  Such charges can result from a disgruntled client who may have lost money and wants to get back at the individual who offered him the investment.

Felony and Misdemeanor Communications Fraud Charges

If you are facing communications fraud charges in a Utah court, call the criminal defense attorneys at the law firm of Utah Defenders.  We handle misdemeanor and felony cases throughout the state and will bring an unmatched dedication to your defense and will do everything in our power to protect your liberty and your reputation.  Call us at 801.618.1334 to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced defense lawyers.