June 28, 2010

Get the Right Defense for Retail Theft Shoplifting Charges

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Business owners take every measure they can to prevent retail theft / shoplifting. Hidden cameras, loss prevention personnel, etc.

Probably the most common theft crime in Utah is retail theft, also known as shoplifting, whether it is from a grocery store, a big box store or an upscale clothing store.  Retail theft is prevalent in good times and bad and retailers are becoming more and more aggressive in making sure perpetrators are prosecuted. In addition to bringing charges against you the retail store will also seek to recover civil damages against you. You could be facing, therefore, months in jail as well as stiff civil penalties such as having to pay three times the value of whatever you stole.

The severity of the criminal punishment for retail theft will be determined by the value of what you stole.  If you stole a couple hundred dollars worth of merchandise you will be facing misdemeanor charges but you stole thousands of dollars worth of retail items you could face felony theft charges and years in jail.  Regardless of whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony you will need the criminal defense services of an experienced, aggressive, and intelligent criminal defense attorney like the Utah criminal defense attorneys at Utah Defenders.

Defend Yourself Against Retail Theft Charges

Retailers and their private security have to follow strict rules in regards to interrogating you in their stores.  If the retailer’s security oversteps the proper bounds of interrogation you may be able to challenge the case on those grounds.  Similarly, the police cannot violate your constitutional rights and if they do you can also challenge the charges on those grounds.

The Utah criminal defense attorneys at Utah Defenders are very experienced in defending against retail theft charges and in helping our clients beat the retailers’ claims for civil damages.

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