June 28, 2010

Defend Against Felony Theft Charges

Salt Lake City Utah Felony Theft Attorney

Utah felony theft lawyer

Felony theft means the defendant stole a lot of money or property.

Many theft crimes in Utah are felony thefts, meaning they can result in years in prison, thousands of dollars in fines, probation, restitution, and other penalties.  Typically the greater the value of the goods stolen the greater the penalties.  Felony theft crimes typically occur in situations such as embezzlement where the defendant is placed in a position of trust such as with an employer and then is able to gain access to large amounts of money.  Felony theft also occurs through theft by deception, such as with the case in investor fraud where someone invests in an alleged business venture only find out the person raising the funds took the money and ran.

Make the Government Prove Its Case

There are many mitigating factors which can help you defense if you have been charged with a felony theft in Utah and the Utah criminal defense attorneys at Utah Defenders can help you assert every defense available to you.  Remember, the government has the burden of proving every element of a felony theft charge brought against you.  Utah Defenders will hold the government to its burden and will fight for you every step of the way.  We will prepare for trial from the very beginning of your case so that when the time comes we will be ready to present the jury with a rebuttal for every point raised by the prosecution.

Utah Defenders – Utah’s Criminal Defense Law Firm

We are Utah’s criminal defense law firm and will defend your rights from the moment you are charged through the end of your case.  Our criminal defense attorneys are accessible so call us and schedule a free consultation to discuss your felony theft charges.  801.618.1334 local.  Or email us.  We’ll get you in for a free consultation and begin your defense immediately.