June 28, 2010

Retain Utah Defenders for Your Pyramid Scheme Charges

Defense Against Pyramid Scheme Charges

Utah Defenders are defense attorneys for pyramid scheme charges

Pyramid scheme charges are usually brought against many different defendants and then the state uses them to play off of each other.

Law enforcement authorities are cracking down on what are commonly referred to as pyramid schemes.  Utah, for whatever reason, has become a primary hub for pyramid schemes and many people do not even know that they are involved in a pyramid scheme or that what they are doing is illegal.

Pyramid schemes are strictly prohibited in Utah.  In fact, the the Utah Pyramid Scheme Act is dedicated solely to the prohibition of pyramid schemes.

Pyramid schemes are defined by the way that compensation is structured to those involved in the business.  If the primary means of making money in the business is by based on your bringing other people into the business rather than on the sale of goods or services then it is considered a pyramid scheme.

What are the Penalties of a Pyramid Scheme?

Crimes relating to pyramid schemes are separated into two parts: those who operate pyramid schemes and those who participate in the pyramid scheme.  Those who actually operate the pyramid scheme can be convicted of a third degree felony and face up to five years in prison.  For those who merely participate in a pyramid scheme they are still looking at a class B misdemeanor charge and up to six months in jail.

Utah does not mess around with pyramid scheme operators and participants.  If you have pyramid scheme charges pending for operating or participating in a pyramid scheme give the criminal defense attorneys at Salt Lake City’s Utah Defenders a call or email immediately to secure a top-notch criminal defense firm.

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