June 28, 2010

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Defense against investor fraud and other financial crimes.

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Utah has really been cracking down on crimes involving the defrauding of investors because of the prevalence of such crimes in this state.  Investor fraud does not include simple legitimate business deals gone bad.  Instead, investor fraud requires an intention to “take the money and run.”  Generally it requires the presentation of what appears to be a legitimate business concern which requires a capital contribution in return for equity or other return on the investment.

Perhaps you were deceived into investing into a proposed business concern and then convinced others to invest as well.  The authorities only see that you tried to sell others on the investment and conclude that you are one of the defrauders.  However you have found yourself in this predicament you need to secure aggressive defense counsel immediately, like the Utah criminal defense attorneys at Utah Defenders.

The Prosecution is Unrelenting – You Need Defense Counsel who is Equally Unrelenting

The prosecution is not at all interested in you as a person.  They only want to find the perpetrators and put them behind bars.  In facing the frontal assault of the state, you will want Utah Defenders on your side to combat against the attack and defend your individual rights. You may also have to deal with the Division of Securities in these types of cases and we will protect you against them as well.

Additionally, there will be victim witnesses who, having lost a lot of money, want to see blood and if you were involved in the business concern in any way those witnesses will want to see you pay the consequences even if you are innocent of the crime.  The attorneys at Utah Defenders know how to handle hostile witnesses and protect you from the prejudice their testimony can cause to the jury.

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