June 28, 2010

Protection from Identity Theft Charges in Utah

Utah Identity Theft Attorney

Identity theft defense lawyer in Utah

One of the most common of crimes, identity theft is sweeping the nation.

Identity theft is a crime which is only increasing year after year.  Entire businesses are being established to protect against the growing rate of identity theft and existing businesses are constantly analyzing how they can protect their clients’ and customers’ personal information.  The internet has made identity theft easier than ever and is the means by which most people lose their personal information.

Identity theft occurs when a person obtains personal information of another, such as a birthday, social security number, name, place of employment and uses that information to gain goods, services, or anything else of value.

If found guilty of identity fraud you can face felony charges, years in prison, and thousands of dollars in restitution along with court fines and penalties.  You will also have to deal not only with a district attorney seeking to put you behind bars but the Utah Attorney General’s office may also get involved in your prosecution making it much more likely that jail time and significant restitution charges will be imposed. You could also have to face federal criminal charges in addition to the state criminal charges, thereby doubling your chances of being found guilty and having to go to prison.

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Our Utah criminal defense attorneys are seasoned attorneys who understand the criminal justice system and how to formulate a concrete defense for you.  Talk to one of our attorneys today and schedule a free consultation so that you can begin your defense.  Utah Defenders are criminal defense attorneys and will protect your rights against any and all charges of identity theft or identity fraud.

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