June 28, 2010

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Assault is a violent crime that occurs quite often, most typically in domestic disputes.

When thinking about violent crimes one cannot overlook assault, which is one of the most basic of offenses against the person.  Many people mistakenly believe that in order to commit assault one actually has to injure another person.  While inflicting bodily injury to another certainly constitutes assault, no injury needs to occur.  Instead, if one merely threatens to use violence on someone and then actually makes a showing of violence that is enough to constitute assault.  An attempt to cause bodily injury through the use of violence also constitutes assault. In any of these situations you need a Utah assault lawyer.

A simple assault generally constitutes a misdemeanor but if serious bodily injury is inflicted with the intent to do so then the assault can quickly become a felony crime.  There’s also a difference between an assault and an assault that results in substantial bodily injury.  Both are misdemeanors, but an assault that results in substantial bodily injury is a class A misdemeanor whereas a simple assault which need only result in a substantial risk of bodily injury is a class B misdemeanor.

“Substantial bodily injury” is any bodily injury that does not amount to “serious bodily injury” (see our page on aggravated assault) and which causes protracted pain, temporary disfigurement, or temporary loss or impairment of a body part.  For example, if you get in a fight and break your enemy’s nose you will like get charged with a class A assault since a broken nose would constitute substantial bodily injury.  Whether a misdemeanor or a felony, you should contact a Utah assault lawyer for protection.

Self-Defense is not Assault

In defending against charges of assault one must always look to determine whether the alleged aggressor was actually assaulting someone or simply defending himself against someone else who was committing an assault.  Law enforcement generally arrives to the scene of an assault long after the alleged assault occurred.  Thus, there is typically conflicting stories regarding who actually assaulted who.

A Utah assault lawyer at Utah Defenders knows that you are innocent until proven guilty and we aim to provide you the best defense possible and to present every fact possible to establish that you were acting in self-defense, if that is indeed what happened.

With possible felony charges against you for aggravated assault you cannot risk your defense to anyone but the Salt Lake City criminal defense attorneys at Utah Defenders.

If charged with assault you are likely facing other charges as well whether they be domestic violence or a gun crime.  It does not matter what charges you face Utah Defenders is your criminal defense law firm.

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