June 28, 2010

Are You in Need of a Reckless Endangerment Attorney

Utah Reckless Endangerment Attorney

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Reckless acts result in consequences we cannot control. Sometimes those consequences can mean jail time.

Reckless endangerment is a violent crime that may be charged in spite of the fact that the person charged with such a crime never intended to hurt anyone.  It occurs when someone acts recklessly and creates a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury to another person.  This crime can easily occur through hazing on college campuses or through daring a friend to do something dangerous.  The defendant need not have intended to commit any type of crime — he merely needed to be acting recklessly. Call a reckless endangerment attorney at Utah Defenders for a free consultation.

Prosecutors have been becoming more strict on bringing reckless endangerment charges against people and are reluctant to allow what may have been considered pranks and other similar conduct pass without consequence.  As a result, Utah Defenders is constantly evaluating the different defenses that can be asserted against such charges.

Reckless Endangerment Charges Requires a Good Defense

Defending against these types of charges in Utah is very fact intensive.  What is reckless conduct after all?  A reckless endangerment attorney at Utah Defenders is well versed in defending against such charges brought by the state.  We work long and hard to ensure that every important fact is uncovered so that we can present the best possible defense and guard your reputation and keep your record clean.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Stand by You Till the End

Whether you decide to fight your case all the way through trial or you take a plea agreement our Utah criminal defense team is with you all the way giving you the soundest advice we can offer.  However you decide to ultimately approach your case you will do so knowing that your Utah Defenders’ attorney is protecting you all the way.

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