July 19, 2010

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Protective order violations by statute must result in an arrest.

Protective order violations result in mandatory arrests.

If you have a protective order issued against you and have any question regarding the terms of the protective order and what you can and cannot do under the order, contact Utah Defenders.  We are happy to assist you and help you better understand the protective order.

Protective orders generally derive from domestic violence cases and have the ability to last for many years.  In fact, some can last forever if no one requests that the court dismiss the protective order.  Protective orders can range from prohibiting any contact with a certain person or persons or with limited contact for specified purposes.  Regardless of the form of the protective order, make no mistake: Utah courts, state, county, and city attorneys, and law enforcement enforce violations of protective orders to the fullest extent possible.

When Protective Orders are Violated

Utah law requires that protective order violations result in the mandatory arrest of the person who allegedly violated the protective order.  No warrant is needed.  Thus, so long as there is some type of probable cause an officer can arrest you.

Violations of Protective Orders are Enhanceable Offenses

If you are charged with violating a protective order you should keep in mind that any such violation is enhanceable, which means that if you are convicted more than once of violating a protective order you are going to face more severe consequences for each subsequent conviction.  Increased penalties attach even to violations of ex parte protective orders.

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Regardless of how it came about that you were charged with violating a protective order Utah Defenders can help.  You can contact us anytime by email or phone (local 801.618.1334) to speak to a criminal defense attorney and schedule a free consultation.  Where your liberty is at stake, stick with the best and call Utah Defenders.