June 28, 2010

Get a Protective Order Attorney from Utah Defenders

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A protective order acts like a barbed wire fence to keep one person away from another.

When dealing with violent crimes between people who live together such as spouses and partners and between people related by blood or marriage, protective orders are becoming more and more common.  Protective orders are issued when there has been abuse or domestic violence or there is a substantial likelihood that abuse or domestic violence will occur between cohabitants.

Protective orders are a creature of statute and did not exist in Utah or even under the common law until only recently.  Protective orders, although they have a legitimate purpose, are often abused as a means to get back at a spouse during a divorce proceeding.  You have to protect yourself against retaliatory protective orders and doing so without the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Utah Defenders is not recommended.

Ex Parte Protective Orders

If you are defending against a protective order chances are an ex parte protective order has already been issued against you.  In Utah it is rather easy to get an ex parte protective order against someone.  Ex parte means that the order is issued without giving any notice and it is temporary.  Once the ex parte protective order is issued you have a chance to dispute the protective order and move to vacate it. A protective order attorney from our firm will do this for you.

Let Utah Defenders Protect You Against a Permanent Protective Order

As your protective order attorney, Utah Defenders will immediately move to vacate the ex parte protective order and restore your reputation.  We will gather all of the facts about your situation in order to get the protective order removed so that you can go about your life like normal.  We will also protect you against retaliatory protective orders brought by former spouses and partners who have a vendetta against you.

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