June 28, 2010

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Utah Manslaughter Attorney

Utah manslaughter attorney defending your rights

Manslaughter is as serious as it sounds. This type of crime, however, may involve many mitigating factors and only an experienced lawyer will pick up on it.

Manslaughter is a form of homicide, a step down from murder.  Generally, one commits manslaughter if he recklessly causes the death of another.  Thus, one can commit manslaughter without having the intent to kill.  One only need act recklessly. However someone commits it

The most common example of manslaughter is generally that of death caused by the reckless driving of the defendant, which is different from automobile or vehicular homicide which is death resulting from a DUI.

Manslaughter is a felony, and if you are convicted of manslaughter you may go to prison for many years.  If you are convicted of a vehicle related manslaughter you are also looking at the revocation of your driver’s license so call a Utah manslaughter attorney at our firm to protect your rights.

Protect Your Rights by Hiring Utah Defenders

The Utah criminal defense attorneys at Utah Defenders know what is on the line when you are facing manslaughter charges.  Our lawyers understand that you are at risk of losing your freedom and everything that comes with it including being with those you love and working on your life goals.  When facing such serious charges you should seek out the defense services of Utah Defenders.  Our attorneys are savvy, intelligent, dedicated, and hard working.  Protecting your freedom is our number one goal and you are entitled to have your rights defended to the fullest extent possible.

From the moment you bring our criminal defense lawyers on board to your defense we will work hard to protect your rights.  We will do everything we can to force the state to fulfill its burden of proof or dismiss the case.  Your freedom is not something to be trifled with.

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