June 28, 2010

Salt Lake City Gun Crimes Attorney

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A Salt Lake City gun crimes lawyer can help.

Gun crimes have a number of collateral consequences in addition to the criminal consequences.

Although the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, there are a number of offenses which are considered violent crimes simply because they involve firearms.  Additionally, there are other offenses which are considered crimes because they involve the use, purchase or possession of firearms.  If you are confused about certain criminal charges brought against you, contact us and we will help you understand your options.

Utah Defenders is based in Salt Lake City and its criminal defense attorneys serve all of Utah.  Email us to schedule a time to meet with one of our criminal defense lawyers.  We defend all types of gun crimes including:

  • Possession of firearms by a convicted felon and other restricted persons including illegal immigrants;
  • Illegal carry of a concealed firearm – Utah specifies several areas where one can carry a concealed loaded firearm, but outside of those exceptions restrictions apply;
  • Carrying a dangerous weapon on school grounds;
  • Brandishing a gun during a fight or quarrel;
  • Firing a gun from an automobile;
  • Reckless firing of a gun in the direction of a person;
  • Altering the mark of a gun;
  • Open Carry

Utah defenders also defends gun dealers for alleged violation of the laws governing the sell and purchase of dangerous weapons.

Beware of Federal Crimes

When gun crimes are involved you may be facing charges on a federal level as well as a state level.  Sometimes the federal charges can be much more serious than at the state level.  If you are facing federal gun charges contact our Utah criminal defense lawyers for a free consultation.

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Our Salt Lake City based criminal defense law firm is always available to answer your questions, so call us at 801.618.1334 to schedule a free consultation with an attorney. Regardless of the type of gun charges you are facing, we can help.