June 28, 2010

Domestic Violence Charges Must Have Adequate Defense

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Domestic violence is probably the most cited crime after traffic offenses.

Domestic violence is a violent crime in the state of Utah that occurs between people who live in the same residence (or have live in the same residence), people who are related by blood or marriage, people who have a child together, etc. Thus, technically domestic violence can be committed by one roommate against another, but typically it occurs between spouses, ex-spouses, partners, and ex-partners.

The Utah Legislature considers domestic violence to be crimes of a very “serious nature” and as a result has prohibited courts from exercising certain powers that they otherwise could exercise.  The Utah Legislature has also made domestic violence an enhanceable offense, meaning that for each subsequent conviction of domestic violence you are looking at increased penalties.

Self Defense is not Domestic Violence

Utah Defenders has experienced many cases in which a person has been charged with domestic violence in spite of the fact that he or she was not the aggressor and was merely acting in self defense.  For example, if you as a mother or father see your sister-in-law beating your child, you are certainly going to rise to your child’s defense.  Nonetheless, because you are defending your child against a relative, the law enforcement officer is likely to cite you and your sister-in-law for domestic violence.

Utah Defenders knows that just because you are charged with domestic violence does not mean that you are guilty.  You are innocent until proven guilty and we approach every one of our cases and treat every one of our clients with that in mind.  Thus, whether your domestic violence charges resulted from an alleged violation of a protective order or an alleged assault on a relative, the Utah criminal defense attorneys at Utah Defenders will protect you.

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