June 28, 2010

How to Hire a Criminal Stalking Attorney

Criminal Stalking Attorney

Talk to a criminal stalking attorney at Utah Defenders.

To be convicted of stalking you must direct a communication or other act toward a specific person at least two different time.

The Utah crime of stalking is one which can be committed in any number of ways.  This crime typically arises between former lovers, spouses, or partners.  It is also a crime that a former spouse, lover, partner will allege the other committed as a means to get back at him or her.  It happens all too often, and perhaps you have been wrongly accused of stalking your former spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend.  If that is the case contact a criminal stalking attorney at Utah Defenders so that we can begin defending you immediately.

The crime of stalking is easily committed.  In fact, if you merely “observe” someone on more than one occasion or photograph a person on more than one occasion or “communicate” with someone on more than one occasion and your conduct causes that person to fear for his safety or causes that person emotional distress you can be charged and convicted of stalking. Don’t take that change. Talk to a criminal stalking attorney today.

Civil Stalking Injunctions

It may be that you are not facing criminal charges for stalking but someone has instead brought a civil stalking injunction against you.  Civil stalking injunctions are nearly as serious as their criminal counterparts because a violation of a civil stalking injunction become criminal stalking.  The elements of a civil stalking injunction is typically the same as criminal stalking, but the standard is lower, i.e., the person bringing the petition for civil stalking injunction need only show that the stalking has more likely than not occurred.

Defending you Against Criminal and Civil Stalking

A criminal stalking attorney at Utah Defenders is highly experienced and knows both the criminal and civil side of stalking allegations.  If you are ready to receive personalized defense services and to have vigorous advocates as your attorneys, call Utah Defenders at 801.618.1334 for a free consultation.  One of our criminal defense attorneys will meet with you as soon as possible to determine how best to approach your defense.