June 28, 2010

Finding the Right Child Abuse Attorney

Salt Lake City Utah Child Abuse Attorney

To retain a child abuse attorney contact Utah Defenders.

Child abuse charges and child abandonment charges come with serious criminal and collateral consequences.

Utah Defenders is your criminal defense law firm. Our attorneys are some of the most aggressive, intelligent, and dedicated criminal defense lawyers in the state of Utah.  We defend against all violent crimes including child abuse and child abandonment, which incidentally are some of the most serious crimes with which you can be charged.

Child abuse is pretty well understood.  Basically, if you cause physical injury to a child or allow someone else to cause physical injury to a child in your custody or control can be charged with and convicted of child abuse.  If the injuries are serious, the penalties are more serious as well.  For example, if you are guilty of serious child abuse you can be charged with and convicted of a felony, and go to prison for many years. Protect yourself by getting a Utah child abuse attorney to represent you against such serious charges.

Utah, however, also allows the state to charge someone with child abuse who commits domestic violence in the presence of a child.  What that means is that you do not even have to touch the child.  If a child is in the room when you get in an altercation with someone you live with and the police are called, you can be charged with child abuse.

Child Abandonment in Utah

In Utah, you can also be charged and convicted of a felony if you are found guilty of child abandonment, which means that if you have custody of a child and then intentionally fails to provide for the safety of the child or you abandon the child without providing for the maintenance of the child.

In either an abuse case or an abandonment case the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) will undoubtedly get involved and then not only will you be dealing with potential criminal consequences but you may be dragged into the juvenile court system and face losing your children.

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