June 28, 2010

Automobile Homicide Attorney in Utah

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Automobile homicide is one type of homicide in Utah.

Automobile homicide in Utah can result from driving while impaired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

You may already know that Utah is unforgiving when it comes to DUI even for a First DUI Offense.  Now imagine if your drunk driving caused someone’s death.  In Utah, deaths caused by someone who is driving under the influence of alcohol is known as automobile or vehicular homicide.  It is a felony offense and can land you prison for years.

There are a couple of degrees of automobile homicide.  The lesser offense, but which is still a felony, occurs when you drive in a negligent manner and have a blood alcohol content at or above the legal minimum, .08.  The greater offense occurs when you have a blood alcohol content at or above .08 and were driving in a criminally negligent manner, which means that you were driving in a grossly negligent way.  The prosecution is likely to charge you with the greater offense in hopes to get you to plead guilty to the lesser.

Defenses for Automobile Homicide

Because the DUI standards for blood alcohol content apply in vehicular homicide many of the same defenses available in DUI cases are available in vehicular homicide cases.

Utah Defenders are experienced Salt Lake City criminal defense attorneys and defend against all types of crimes including DUI offenses and automobile homicide charges.  Our attorneys are experienced and have a wealth of knowledge as to how to defend against cases involving chemical tests of blood alcohol content, which will be a significant component in defending against vehicular homicide charges. Defenses may be available based on how the chemical test was performed, who performed it, what  equipment was used to carry it out, and who had access to the blood after it was drawn.

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