June 28, 2010

Abuse of Vulnerable Adult and Elder Abuse

Utah Abuse of Vulnerable Adult Attorney

Abuse of vulnerable adult charges carry with it prison time.

You can be criminal charged with abuse of vulnerable adult and exploitation of vulnerable adult, bot of which are felonies.

A vulnerable adult in Utah is one who is unable to provide for his basic needs, protect himself, manage his resources, or manage his own daily living.  Typically in cases involving abuse of a vulnerable adult the victim is an elder or senior citizen.

Utah statutory law protects vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect and any person, including caretakers, can be charged with a felony or misdemeanor for abusing or neglecting a vulnerable adult. There are varying degrees of abuse, including aggravated abuse, regular abuse, and exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Anyone who causes serious physical injury to a vulnerable adult or who permits the vulnerable adult’s health to be injured, or who permits the vulnerable adult to be placed in a situation where his health will be injured can be charged and convicted of a felony.

In circumstances not amounting to aggravated abuse, a person who causes a vulnerable adult to suffer harm, abuse, or neglect or who permits a vulnerable adult to suffer harm, neglect, or abuse or placed in a situation where such harm can take place can be charged and convicted of a misdemeanor and faces months in jail.

In addition to law enforcement getting involved in these types of cases, Adult Protective Services can also get involved in administer civil penalties.

Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult

Any person who takes financial advantage of a vulnerable adult, sexually exploits the vulnerable adult, or engages the vulnerable adult in criminal activity can be convicted of a second degree felony and sent to prison for years.

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