June 28, 2010

Get Help with Unlawful Consumption or Minor in Possession

Unlawful Consumption

Unlawful consumption is also known as minor in possession of alcohol.

The unlawful consumption of alcohol by a minor is punishable as a misdemeanor.

In Utah it is unlawful for any minor to purchase, possess, or consume alcohol and alcoholic beverages.  Utah’s strict law is commonly known as the “not-a-drop” rule and legally known as unlawful consumption or minor in possession of alcohol.  If convicted of possessing, consuming, or purchasing an alcoholic beverage the convicted minor will face hundred of dollars in fines and even jail time.  The judge can also require a convicted minor to take a substance abuse class which by itself can run hundreds of dollars.

Defenses to Unlawful Consumption Charges

Because Utah’s laws on a minor in possession or unlawful consumption are so black and white it takes an experienced Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney such as those at Utah Defenders to identify the potential defenses to such charges.  Your attorney will need to have a keen eye to the circumstances surrounding what led up to the citation or arrest. Our criminal defense attorneys will be able to see the potential defenses within minutes of talking to you or your teenager.  We can spot weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and work to use those weaknesses to further the defense of your rights and liberty.

Often times unlawful consumption and minor in possession charges derive from a search and seizure carried out by law enforcement of a defendant’s automobile.  Law enforcement is required to strictly follow the constitutional limitations placed on searches and seizures.  If a police officer violates those constitutional limitations we may be able to get your case dismissed.  When your liberty and good reputation is at stake, it is worth it to hire Utah Defenders.  Our number one priority is to protect you.

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