June 28, 2010

Son or Daughter Charged with an Underage DUI in Utah?

Underage DUI in Utah

Underage DUI and juvenile drunk driving defense.

An underage DUI or juvenile drunk driving can have long term repercussions for your son or daughter.

Even one instance of driving under the influence of alcohol can result in significant negative consequences for someone who is younger than 21 years of age.  For example, if you are cited for an underage DUI in Utah and are under 21 years of age you can lose your driver’s license until you turn 21.  That means you will be in for a whole lot of bus or bike riding to and from work.

In addition to losing your license until you are 21 years old you also face the other penalties associated with DUI, but judges may be more harsh on you in order to “teach you a lesson.”  Some of those penalties include having to install an interlock device on any vehicle you drive (although you should not be driving on a suspended license).  Penalties also include being placed on some type of probation and being fined hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Utah Defenders – We Defend Against Underage DUI Charges

The last thing you want to do is to head into court without an experienced DUI defender like the Salt Lake City criminal defense attorneys at Utah Defenders.  DUI charges, especially underage DUI charges must be taken very seriously and must be defended against with vigor.  At Utah Defenders you will find the aggressive DUI defense attorneys you are looking for.  You will feel safe knowing that our lawyers are as interested in defending your rights as you are interested in protecting your rights.

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