June 28, 2010

Your Defense Against A Traffic Stop Drug Bust

Utah Traffic Stop Drug Bust Attorney

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If you are facing charges from a traffic stop drug bust you may have grounds to bring a motion to suppress.

The Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable searches and seizures, but much has changed since the days that the Fourth Amendment was originally passed.  The State is afforded much more leeway to conduct searches and seizures these days.  Drug crimes and the war on drugs has led to a vast expansion of how and when the state can search homes and vehicles.

Although the government has much more leeway to conduct searches and seizures than ever before there are still many constitutional limitations which prevent law enforcement from conducting a search of your vehicle which could result in a traffic stop drug bust.  For example, a police officer must have some reasonably articulable suspicion that you are committing a crime or have just committed a crime before he can pull you over.  After you have been pulled over there must be additional reasonable suspicion that there is contraband in the vehicle before the officer can search the vehicle.

If Pulled Over Don’t Admit Anything to the Police

You have a constitutional right to remain silent – remember that!  If you have been pulled over by a police officer make no admissions.  One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is if you make an admission to the police that you have contraband in your vehicle or that you used contraband that day.  Make no admissions!

If you have made an admission you will certainly want the experience of the Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyers at Utah Defenders to help dig you out of the hole you now find yourself in.  We are adamant defenders of liberty and love nothing more than to suppress evidence of searches and seizures which result in a finding of drugs.

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