June 28, 2010

Talk to us About Illegal Prescription Drug Possession Charges

Prescription Drug Possession

Prescription drug possession is similar to possessing cocaine and heroin.

It is a crime to use or possess prescription drugs for which you do not have a valid prescription.

Obtaining pharmaceutical drugs that require a prescription, without having the required prescription, is a drug crime and just as illegal as possessing illegal drugs such as marijuana or heroine and the penalties are comparable.  There is a growing use of prescription drugs and obtaining such drugs often involves other allegations of crimes such as using prescription forgery as a means to get a hold of the drugs.

There are circumstances, however, that may lead to criminal charges being brought against you even though you had a valid prescription to have the drugs.  A doctor, for example, may have provided you with a prescription for heavy pain medication but through some unfortunate circumstance you lost the prescription and had the pills on you at a time when for whatever reason a law enforcement office searched you.  In such cases you have a legitimate defense against illegal prescription drug possession.  There may be other situations in which you were charged with illegal prescription drug possession even though your possession was totally legitimate.

Utah Defenders – Your Defense Against Prescription Drug Charges

Regardless of how or why you came to be charged with illegal prescription drug possession, the Salt Lake City team of criminal defense attorneys at Utah Defenders can provide you with the very defense services you are looking for.  We will guide you through the rough waters of criminal proceedings in Utah courts.  Our number one priority is to protect your liberty and your rights against an intrusive state.

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