June 28, 2010

To Contact a Prescription Drug Forgery Attorney Call Utah Defenders

Prescription Drug Forgery is a Very Serious Crime

Prescription drug forgery is a felony crime in Utah.

The illegal possession of prescription drugs typically goes hand in hand with prescription drug forgery.

In Utah it is strictly prohibited to forge a prescription, provide false information, use deception, use fraud, or use a false name and address in order to obtain prescription drugs.  To do so is a felony drug crime and has the potential to land you in state prison for a very long time.

Most prescription forgery charges are also coupled with charges of illegally possessing prescription drugs.  In such situations you are usually facing multiple felony counts. Add a drug distribution charge on top of that and you are facing some very serious allegations which could deprive you of your liberty.

Get a Criminal Defense Lawyer Immediately

The Salt Lake City criminal defense attorneys at Utah Defenders are experienced defense lawyers who know how to defend against prescription forgery charges.  We will be by your side every step of the way, from your initial appearance all the way through trial.  We will also provide you with superb defense services.  We will quickly spot the important issues involved in your case and determine how best to defend against the state’s charges.

When faced with prescription drug forgery charges you will want attorneys who are willing and ready to take your case to trial.  We approach all of our cases with trial in mind and all of our research and analysis is pointed toward the end result of trial.  We know that if you are not adequately prepared for trial your chances of success are slim.

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