June 28, 2010

Marijuana Possession is Still a Very Serious Crime in Utah

Utah Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Don't make the mistake of thinking marijuana possession is not a serious crime in Utah.

Marijuana possession in Utah is still a crime, even if it’s from Colorado.

Marijuana is probably the most common of the illegal drugs, and therefore, charges for the drug crime of marijuana possession are prevalent.  Such charges can result from a traffic stop or from smoking a joint in a public area.  However the charges came about Utah Defenders can help defend you against such charges.

Utah has the strange rule that if you are convicted of possessing even the tiniest amount of marijuana or any other drug you will automatically lose your driver’s license for six (6) months without judicial recourse, meaning there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it.  The Utah Legislature has taken any discretion away from the Driver’s License Division and the courts regarding the issue.  Thus, you are not even entitled to a Driver’s License Hearing.

Even a Marijuana Conviction Will Have Long Lasting Consequences

Although marijuana seems to be finding more acceptance in other states such as California and Colorado, Utah remains staunchly anti-marijuana.  Consequently, a marijuana possession conviction can result in negative consequences for years to come.  Employers do not like to see drug offenses on employee background checks for the simple reason that drugs are illegal.  Potential employees usually fair better if they have a DUI, as opposed to a drug conviction, because alcohol is at least a legal substance.

Utah Defenders Will Do Everything We Can to Protect You Against a Marijuana Conviction

Because we understand the consequences of a marijuana possession conviction so well, we do everything in our power to protect you from such negative consequences.  We want you to keep your driver’s license so that you can continue to work and take care of your family.  We want to help you prevent future negative criminal background checks.

Call Utah Defenders to Find Out How We can Help

We can help – you just need to call.  801.618.1334.  You can email us as well.  We’ll set up a free consultation with one of our criminal defense attorneys so that you can explain the details behind your marijuana charges.  We look forward to speaking to you.

The Affect of Out of State Marijuana Licenses

A lot of people have the mistaken belief that if they have a marijuana license from a state like Colorado or California they are acting within their rights to travel through the state of Utah with personal use marijuana. Unfortunately, that is not true. A marijuana license is like any other license, which means it only has validity in the state that issued it.

Although a marijuana license will not keep you from being charged with possession of marijuana it could certainly help you in terms of how the judge sentences you.  Most judges will not make a person who can legally smoke weed in his own state do substance abuse counseling, which is an expensive and time consuming penalty attached to most marijuana convictions.