June 28, 2010

Contact a Drug Production Attorney at Utah Defenders

Drug Production Attorney in Salt Lake City

Law enforcement is really cracking down on drug production.

Marijuana farms, meth labs, and other forms of drug production will get you in hot water quick.

Although much of the illicit drug production happens in different countries throughout the world, there is a surprising amount of drug manufacturing here in Utah.  Utah prosecutors, police, and judges show no mercy when it comes to drug production and manufacturing.  Whether you are growing marijuana in your garden or running a meth lab out of your house you can bet that the prosecution is going to go for the full penalty allowed by law, which in some instances include first degree felonies and many years in prison.

For example, law enforcement is cracking down on marijuana farms, often found in the remote mountain areas of Utah.  They will enter the mountainous terrain find the farms and burn or otherwise destroy the crops.  They will arrest anyone on site.  If you have been charged with marijuana production call us.

Meth Lab Production

If you have been charged with producing meth you may not only be facing state criminal charges but federal criminal charges as well.  You could find yourself getting double the punishment.  Federal prosecutors will often get involved in cases in which a large amount of contraband is seized such as an entire meth lab.

If you have been charged with running a meth lab you should call Utah Defenders right away to protect yourself.  It does not matter whether your charges are pending in state or federal court, our Salt Lake City lawyers can help.

Defenses Against Drug Production

The criminal defense attorneys at Utah Defenders will immediately begin defending you against drug production charges the moment you bring us on board.  We will evaluate whether law enforcement violated your constitutional rights in making the arrest or searching and seizing the evidence on which they will rely in prosecuting you.

Free Consultations

Call us and schedule a free consultation with one of our criminal defense lawyers.  We can often get you in the same day so as to expedite your defense.  801.618.1334Email us if you prefer.  However you communicate with us we will make sure to get you in to our office quickly so we can get a leg up on defending you.