June 28, 2010

Drug Distribution Defense Attorney in Salt Lake City

Facing Charges for Drug Distribution?

We defend against drug distribution charges.

Drug distribution brings down the full weight of the law on those convicted. Protect yourself with Utah Defenders.

One of the many drug crimes that one can be charged with in addition to drug production and possession is drug distribution.  This is the crime generally charged against those known as drug dealers.  It may be the guy standing at the corner selling joints, someone who delivers shipments of marijuana, meth, or heroine, and anyone else who sells illegal drugs.

Drug distribution charges carry the same weight as possession or production charges, so be ready for a long drawn out fight in court.  With the help of Utah Defenders, however, you will be able to enter the court confident that you have outstanding criminal defense attorneys on your side.

The More You Sell or Distribute and What You Sell Determines the Penalties

Utah’s drug distribution laws are based on a sliding scale.  The more you are caught with the more likely you will be facing very serious consequences.  Thus, if you sell less than an ounce of marijuana you will not be confronted with charges as serious as if you are charged with selling 30 or 40 pounds of marijuana.

Further, if you sell or distribute marijuana as opposed to hard drugs such as heroine or meth your charges will less.  Hard drug distribution carries higher penalties.

Whatever you are alleged to have sold or distributed Utah Defenders is the only criminal defense law firm you will need to contact for defense.  Our Salt Lake City attorneys are experienced in all matters of drug distribution and can effectively represent your interests and protect your liberty.

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