June 28, 2010

Voyeurism is a Sex Crime in Utah

Utah Voyeurism Attorney

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Voyeurism is the secretive viewing of someone in a private setting.

With the age of the internet more and more people are engaging in voyeurism, and consequently, more and more people are being charged with voyeurism as a criminal offense.  Voyeurism is a common internet sex crime, but it is not limited to internet users.  In Utah, voyeurism occurs when a person films, records, videotapes, etc. the private areas of another person’s body.  The filming, photographing, or viewing the private areas of another person’s body without that person’s consent constitutes voyeurism and can result in felony criminal charges and years of prison time.  A voyeurism charge can also turn into a burglary charge if you entered a dwelling to carry it out.

If you have been charged with voyeurism get the Utah criminal defense attorneys of Utah Defenders on your side.

Voyeurism Can Quickly Turn into Child Pornography Charges

If the person being filmed or photographed is minor is a minor, a charge of voyeurism can quickly become charges of child pornography, also known as sexual exploitation of a minor.  Even if the charges do not morph into charges for child pornography, if the person being filmed is under 14 years old, the charges automatically become felony charges rather than misdemeanor charges.

Voyeurism Websites

You can also be charged with voyeurism if you view voyeurism websites.  It does not matter that you view such material in the privacy of your own home.  If it is discovered you can be charged and face many years in prison.

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Although very serious in and of itself, charges of voyeurism in Utah can evolve into something even more serious if you do not have adequate legal representation.  You will find the aggressive and intelligent criminal defense attorney you need at Salt Lake City’s Utah Defenders.  We are Utah criminal defense attorneys and will protect your rights and your liberty.

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