November 5, 2010

Utah Prostitution Defense Attorney

Salt Lake Prostitution Defense

Prostitution charges in Utah are no laughing matter.

Although it involves consensual sexual relations, prostitution is still illegal in Utah.

The world’s oldest profession continues to be illegal.  One would think that governments would get the hint that making prostitution illegal does not rid the world of it, but bureaucrats continue to use the arm of the state to suppress vice, all the while just causing more crime and more problems in trying to do so.

At Utah Defenders are criminal lawyers and dedicated defenders of those accused of prostitution.

Utah Law

In Utah, an individual may be charged with the sex crime of prostitution if he or she engages in a sexual activity for a fee, lives in a house of prostitution, or loiters in view of a public place with the purpose of selling his or her sexual services.

Utah law enforcement agencies are consistently arresting individuals for prostitution and many who are convicted of prostitution become targets for future arrests.  Prostitutes become known to law enforcement agencies and such agencies will seek out individuals previously arrested for prostitution.


If convicted of prostitution one can spend up to six months in jail and if a repeat offender up to one year in jail.  Additionally, the fines can be thousands of dollars (which is somewhat ironic considering the prostitute’s profession is aimed at earning money and with court fines and penalties the prostitute will have to work harder to pay the fines).  There is also the consequence of having to be on probation for 12 months or so for each offense.  If you violate the terms of your probation the court can then impose the full extent of the penalties for each offense.

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