June 28, 2010

Salt Lake City Utah Driving Without Interlock Attorney

Defense for Charges Involving Driving Without Interlock

Lawyer for driving without interlock in Utah.

Driving without an interlock has criminal penalties and collateral consequences like losing your license.

Have you been convicted of an alcohol related DUI in Utah?  If so, chances are that the Utah DMV sent you a notice requiring you to install an interlock device on your car and prohibits you from driving any vehicle that does not have an interlock device installed on it.

Interlock ignition devices are expensive, generally with a one time installation fee and a monthly operational fee.  The price of an interlock device easily reaches into the thousands and for that reason many people who have been required to install an interlock device fail to do so.  The problem is, the government does not care if you have the means to pay for an interlock device.  If you are caught driving without interlock, you are in for some serious criminal charges, which can result in months in jail.  An interlock violation in Utah is one of those Utah traffic crimes for which an attorney is extremely important.

Get an Attorney Who Will Defend You Against Interlock Charges

If you are reading this you have likely been charged with failing to drive with an interlock ignition device.  If that is the case you want to avoid going into court without an experienced Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney such as those of Utah Defenders.  Our attorneys will let you know what you can expect throughout the court process and will protect you every step of the way.

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