June 28, 2010

Defense Against Probation Violation Charges

Probation Violation Attorney in Utah

utah probation violation attorney

A probation violation can land you back in jail or prison.

The consequences associated with probation violations are serious.  Probation is a type of second chance.  It allows you to avoid the harsh penalties associated with the crime for which you were convicted…so long as you behave.

First time offenders are generally given the opportunity to avoid some of the consequences associated with criminal convictions, such as jail time, by being placed on probation.  In such cases the harsher penalties such as jail time are generally stayed and suspended pending successful completion of probation.

Every probation comes with certain conditions attached to it, such as a promise to not violate the law during the term of the probation.  If you break any condition of probation you could end up facing all of the penalties which were previously stayed and suspended.  Typically, this occurs if you have been charged with another crime.  In such situations you will have to defend against the new charges as well as explain to the court why all of the penalties of the previous conviction should not be imposed.

The Order to Show Cause for a Probation Violation

If you are accused of having violated your probation you will be summoned by the court to appear for an Order to Show Cause (OSC).  At the OSC you will be required to explain why the court should not impose the strict penalties which were previously stayed and suspended.

Utah Defenders Will Protect You at the OSC

The Salt Lake City criminal defense attorneys at Utah Defenders can protect your rights and interests at the OSC by demonstrating to the court how probation was not violated or why further penalties should not be imposed.  We strongly advise against appearing at your OSC without a criminal defense attorney like those at Utah Defenders.

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