June 28, 2010

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Disorderly Conduct Charges Defense

Disorderly conduct charges in Utah

Disorderly conduct charges are generally brought when someone disobeys a lawful order when given by a police officer.

Disorderly conduct charges are brought way too often by law enforcement agencies.  Disorderly conduct is the catch all crime.  If you haven’t done anything else but for some reason a law enforcement personnel has it out for you he will cite you with disorderly conduct. You can spend months in jail for disorderly conduct, so make sure you contact Utah Defenders to avoid jail time and to protect your rights.

What constitutes disorderly conduct is very broad.  Basically if you do not follow instructions to move away from a public place given to you by law enforcement personnel you can be charged with disorderly conduct.  You can also be charged with disorderly conduct if you create a public annoyance or inconvenience or make too much noise or fight or obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic.  To put it simply, it is very easy to commit disorderly conduct and just as easy to actually be cited for disorderly conduct.

First Amendment Issues

In disorderly conduct cases there often arises First Amendment issues.  Many times law enforcement personnel will cite someone for disorderly conduct merely for protesting a policy or advocating an unpopular cause.  In such situations the defendant’s rights to free speech may have been violated and can create a claim for a violation of civil rights against the law enforcement agency.

Utah Defenders Can Defend You Against Disorderly Conduct Charges and can Prosecute Your Claim for Violation of Civil Rights

The Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyers at Utah Defenders are experienced criminal defense lawyers who know disorderly conduct charges front and back.  We can also pursue a claim for violation of your civil rights if your First Amendment were violated by being cited with disorderly conduct.

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