June 28, 2010

Salt Lake City Utah Criminal Solicitation Defense Attorney

Criminal Solicitation Defense Attorney

The crime of criminal solicitation is an inchoate offense, similar to criminal conspiracy, and attempt.  Criminal solicitation, however, unlike other inchoate offenses applies only to conduct which could be charged as a felony.

Criminal Solicitation is More Serious and Requires Less to Prove

Unlike conspiracy and attempt, criminal solicitation is committed by mere communication, so long as the person soliciting has the intent that a felony be committed.  The common example of criminal solicitation we see on TV and in the movies is the distressed wife or husband who, stuck in an unfulfilled marriage, decides to hire a hitman to take out his or her spouse.  The act of communicating with the hitman is the criminal solicitation and is generally in and of itself a felony count.

Also unlike conspiracy, the person being solicited does not need to agree to commit the crime.  Thus, if you wanted to hire someone to distribute drugs for you but that person declined, you could still be charged with felony criminal solicitation.

Have You Been Charged With Criminal Solicitation?

If you have been charged with criminal solicitation, whether it be for drug production, murder, aggravated assault, voyeurism, or anything in between, the Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyers at Utah Defenders will defend you against the criminal solicitation charges pending against you.  We are experienced criminal defense attorneys and defend clients throughout Utah.  Let our experience work for your good and protect your rights.

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