June 28, 2010

Utah Attempt Crimes Attorney

Charged with an Attempt Crime in Utah?

Criminal attempt, like its sisters conspiracy, criminal solicitation, and is an “inchoate” offense.

In order to commit the crime of “attempt” there are a couple of elements that must be met.  First, you must actually have the intent to commit the underlying crime.  Second, you must move forward with a “substantial step” to commit the crime.

For example, let’s say that you intend to commit robbery on the local convenience store.  Then let’s say that after deciding you want to rob the local convenience store you grab a pistol, put it in your pocket, walk into the convenience store, point it at the cashier and yell “give me all of your money.”  Before the cashier can respond you have a sudden change of mind, drop your gun, and run out of the store.  It is likely that a case can be made against you for attempted robbery because you had the intent to rob the store and you engaged in conduct constituting a “substantial step” (holding up the cashier). In that type of situation you could still face years behind bars.

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If you have been charged with criminal attempt charges in Utah call Utah Defenders.  There is no part of Utah that we do not serve.  We appear in justice and district courts all over the state every week and we are happy to defend you interests wherever you may live.

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