June 28, 2010

Salt Lake City Utah Attempt, Conspiracy, Solicitation Attorney

Defense Against Attempt, Conspiracy, and Solicitation

Theories of criminal liability - attempt, solicitation, conspiracy

Attempt, solicitation, and conspiracy are all theories of criminal liability that can make a defendant liable for the crime committed.

There are some crimes which are categorized as inchoate offenses.  Those include attempt, solicitation, and conspiracy to engage in a criminal act.  The reason such crimes are referred to as “inchoate” offenses is because they are crimes which have not fully developed or have not completed.  (Now try to use the word “inchoate” in your everyday parlance and wow people with your vocabulary.)

If you are charged with attempt, solicitation, conspiracy, or enticing a minor understand that such offenses, if convicted can very often result in penalties just as serious as if you actually committed the crime.  In some circumstances being convicted of the inchoate offense can result in a conviction one degree lower than if you had been convicted of the actual crime.

Regardless, in order to fully develop a criminal defense strategy against charges of inchoate crimes you will need experienced and intelligent criminal defense attorneys such as those of Salt Lake City’s Utah Defenders.  Our criminal defense attorneys are experienced in all inchoate offenses and will provide you with excellent defense services from the moment you hire us.  It does not matter whether you are charged with attempted murder or enticing a minor to steal a car, our criminal defense attorneys know the criminal justice system and understand how to defend you against any inchoate crime be it felony and misdemeanor charges.

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