June 28, 2010

Utah Criminal Appeals Attorney

Criminal Appeals Attorney

If you are found guilty by judge or jury you may still have relief through filing an appeal with the appropriate higher court.  The appellate process is a way to obtain relief that should have been given in the lower court, but which wasn’t because of a mistake made by the judge or jury.

There are many times when a point of law is raised which the lower court simply gets wrong, and in such situations you will need the representation of an experienced appellate attorney to right the wrong and obtain the appropriate relief. Other times a judge permits evidence into the case which should have been excluded.  Still other times the jury reaches a decision which is completely unsupported by any evidence.

The list of appealable wrongs is very long, and for that reason you need appellate lawyers who understand what can and cannot be appealed and whether appealing a specific matter is worth doing.

Utah Defenders are Utah Criminal Appellate Attorneys

The criminal defense attorneys at Utah Defenders are experienced appellate attorneys who understand the appellate process and who have the writing and oral advocacy skills necessary to hammer home the points of law on appeal that are needed to save your case.

Utah Defenders Handles All Appeals

There are basically two types of appeals in Utah, depending on which court you are in:

Salt Lake City’s Utah Defenders is experienced in both types of appeals and have the know-how and skills to aggressively advocate your case.  If you are interested in appealing your case, give us a call at 801.618.1334 or email us to schedule a free consultation.  You will meet with one of our appellate attorneys who will explain the process and give you a sense of what your chances of success are on appeal.