October 11, 2013

Criminal Defense in Utah | Utah Defenders Serves the Whole State

The Uniqueness of Utah Criminal Law

Utah is unique in many ways.  We have some of the most diverse landscape in the world.  We have a unique history and culture.  Our history and culture has contributed and influenced our political leaders from the moment laws were being made for the Territory of Utah and later the State of Utah.  Additionally, enforcement of the laws is influenced by our unique culture and history.

In general, Utah can be very hard on criminal defendants.  For one thing, there are so many laws in Utah that it is difficult to walk outside your home without violating some law.  This gives a strong police presence in Utah.  When you drive down I-15, for example, you are likely to see more law enforcement officers than just about anywhere else in the country.  Red and blues dot Utah’s highways from St George to Logan and from Moab to Wendover.  You can’t get away from it.

Once you’re in the court you can bet that a prosecutor’s or judge’s biases are likely to influence the execution and interpretation of the law as applied to your case.  Add to that the little quirks that each county, city, and other locality has in their legal system and you can see quickly whey a criminal defense law firm like Utah Defenders becomes such an asset to someone like you who may be facing criminal charges.

Utah Defenders Has Multiple Offices

Our lawyers have easy access to just about every courthouse in the state because of strategically placed offices in Ogden, Provo, Sandy, and St George. It is for that reason that we are able to serve our clients’ needs no matter where they or their cases are located.  You can call us anytime at 801.618.1334 for a free consultation and we would be happy to tell you more about any of the following:

  • Our Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney services in the state’s biggest city.
  • How our Logan criminal defense attorney services can help you in Cache County.
  • If you live in Weber County an Ogden criminal defense attorney from our firm can defend you against DUI, sex crimes, violent crimes, and more.
  • Our Provo criminal defense lawyer services represent individuals throughout Utah County, from Lehi to Payson and everywhere in between including in Spanish Fork, American Fork, and Orem.
  • Southern Utah produces hundred of marijuana and DUI charges every year.  Fortunately our St George criminal defense attorney services are up to the task to defend you with vigor.
  • Our Davis County criminal defense attorney will protect you in the Farmington, Layton, and Bountiful district courts as well as the numerous justice courts throughout the county.

When searching for an experienced Utah criminal defense lawyer in your particular locality look no further than Utah Defenders.  Our aim is to protect our clients from an overly aggressive criminal “justice” system. Put us to work for you.

Criminal defense resources for the state of Utah

Below are some resources that apply statewide. For resources specific to your county or city please refer to one of the local pages linked above.

The Utah court system can be found online at www.utcourts.gov where you can get court phone numbers, addresses, and even self-help resources.  The Utah court system is broken down into district courts (which handle felonies and class A misdemeanors) and justice courts (which handle infractions, class C and class B misdemeanors).  Utah Defenders represents defendants any any and all courts throughout the state.

The Utah Attorney General’s Office prosecutes various types of crimes on behalf of the State including sex crimes involving children, insurance fraud, and other types of crimes that specifically handled by a county district attorney’s office.

The Utah Highway Patrol is responsible for patrolling Utah’s highways and freeways, ensuring safety of those on the highways, making arrests for DUIs and drug crimes, and otherwise enforcing the state’s laws on the major corridors throughout the state.  Although there are many UHP offices throughout the state, it is headquartered in Salt Lake City and can be reached at (801) 965-4518.

The Utah State Prison houses inmates who have been convicted of serious felony crimes.  It is currently located in Draper and can be reached at (801) 576-7000.

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