April 6, 2011

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Make Only One Call for a Utah Bail Bond

If you or a loved one is facing serious criminal charges in Utah and you need to bail out of jail, don’t waste time making multiple phone calls to bail bondsman.  The only person you need to call is a criminal defense lawyer at Utah Defenders.  We will not only begin defending you or your loved but we will also get a bail bondsman set up immediately to get you or your loved one out of jail.

The Bail Bond Process

A bail bond is an insurance policy for the court.  Basically it allows a third party (the bail bondsman) to pay roughly 10% of the total bail with a promise that if the criminal defendant does not appear at court the bondman will pay the remainder of the bail amount.  What this means is that you can get out of jail on a $5,000 bondable bail for only $500.  The bail bondsman keep the $500 and you get out of jail.  If you decide to flee, the bail bondsman is on the hook for the remaining $4,500 bail amount, but the bondsman will go after you to get his money back.

If you need a bondsman, contact Utah Defenders.  We’ll have a bondsman ready for you to get you out of jail immediately.  The bondsman will require a co-signer, proof of identification, and a representation that you can pay the bail amount if forfeited.  Once the bondsman has the co-signer, the money, and the docs all filled out he faxes the documentation over to the jail.  The jail then begins release proceedings (which can take a couple of hours) and the defendant is allowed to go home.

Criminal Defense Attorneys With Bondsman Available Anytime

At Utah Defenders our network of bondsman is at our disposal.  It is for that reason that the first call you should make is to Utah Defenders.  Get us on board for your defense and get out of jail.

Call us anytime at 801.618.1334.