June 28, 2010

DUI Metabolite or Driving with any Measurable Controlled Substance

The Uniqueness of a DUI Metabolite

In Utah, an individual can be charged with a DUI without being over the .08 limit, without driving impaired, or without even consuming any alcohol. An individual may be charged with a DUI Metabolite when they have been driving with any measurable amount of a controlled substance found in their body. In most cases, the controlled substance is usually found to be illegal drugs or prescription drugs. At our office, you will find a team of Utah DUI Metabolite Attorneys experienced in defending clients accused of this strange law.

Prescription Drugs and DUI Metabolite

DUI metabolite is also known as driving with any measurable controlled substance.

Driving with any measurable controlled substance, or DUI metabolite, has similar consequences to a regular DUI.

Many prescription drugs strongly advise in the included drug information that you do not drive while you are on the prescription. There are good reasons for this. However, many individuals may take prescription drugs from family or friends and find themselves driving and charged with DUI Metabolite. It may seem harmless to take a pill from a friend, but if you drive and are charged you are facing a battle. An obvious offense to a Utah DUI Metabolite Charge is if the prescription drugs you took were legally prescribed. However, even if you are taking the prescription drugs legally, you may still be charged if you are so impaired that you were not capable of operating your vehicle safely.

There are several tests you may be asked to submit to when charged with a DUI Metabolite. These tests include a blood test, urine test, or oral fluids tests. The Utah Criminal Defense Attorneys at Utah Defenders understand how to evaluate these test results and the test procedures.

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