June 28, 2010

You Have to Request a DUI Driver License Hearing

DUI Driver License Hearing

We'll set up a DUI driver license hearing for you.

A DUI driver license hearing is necessary if you want to keep your license after being charged with a DUI.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Utah you may be wondering if your driver’s license will be suspended. In many cases, an individual’s drivers license is suspended following a DUI driver license hearing with the Utah Drivers License Division. A hearing regarding your drivers license and possible suspension, must be scheduled within 10 days of being charged. If you fail to schedule this hearing within the time period described, your driver license will be automatically suspended for 120 days if it is your first DUI offense. If it is your second DUI offense, the suspension will be for an even greater period of time. It is important to speak with a DUI lawyer as soon as possible to get your hearing scheduled on time and your defense prepared.

It is difficult for many individuals who do not understand the legal process and drivers license process to represent themselves effectively at the drivers license hearing.  We are experienced in these hearings and can put forth your best defense and case for keeping your license. We understand the process and can help you through these difficult times. At the hearing we will cross examine the officer who made your arrest. This gives us the potential to  present weaknesses that may result in the retention of your driving privileges.

Don’t Delay, Call Now

Do not delay in speaking with an attorney. It is important that you get the legal advice your require prior to the divers license hearing. Time is certainly of the essence if you wish to have a chance of keeping your drivers license. We understand the rush to schedule a hearing and that is why we often schedule same day consultations and get an attorney working on your case right away. If you wish to speak with an experienced Utah DUI Attorney, call us now at 801.618.1334. Call 24/7. We offer free consultations.

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