Disclosing the Identity of a Confidential Informant

Confidential Informant Law A Utah County officer was informed by a confidential informant that M.G. was selling ecstasy and had plans to attend a rave with friends. Consequently, officers pulled over a vehicle with M.G. driving and four passengers. The officers found the ecstasy pills in several locations of the vehicle. Kyler Nielsen, a passenger[…]

When does an informant tip justify a police traffic stop?

Fourth Amendment Requirements With Regards to Traffic Stops The Fourth Amendment’s prohibition of “unreasonable searches and seizures” extends to temporary detentions, such as traffic stops. See U.S. Const. amend. IV; Brendlin v. California, 551 U.S. 249, 255 (2007). To survive constitutional scrutiny, a traffic stop must be (1) “lawful at its inception” and (2) “otherwise[…]

SCOTUS Reviews Felony Gun Ownership Laws

If you are convicted of felony, either a state or federal felony charge, you lose certain rights going forward including the right to own firearms. The felony gun ownership laws in Utah are very harsh. The question then arises, what happens to your firearms in the event you are convicted of a felony. Can you[…]

Police Increasingly Using Social Media To Track Criminal Activity

Police Departments across the state of Utah are increasingly turning to social media platforms such as facebook and twitter as a means of both tracking criminal activity and for public awareness purposes. It is not uncommon for us to hear of a story in which police were able to make an arrest after an individual[…]

Tooele County Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

Speak with a Tooele County Utah Criminal Defense Attorney today at our law office. Located just west of the Salt Lake Valley, Tooele and its surrounding areas cover a large portion of the western Utah desert. When charged with a crime in this area, it is important to have representation from a team of lawyers with[…]

Electronic Communication Harassment in Utah

In today’s world where communications through text, email, phone, chat, and other methods are readily available on our mobile devices, Electronic Communication Harassment Charges are becoming more and more common in Utah. It is much easier to be charged with harassment through electronic means than many people may realize because the statute in Utah governing[…]

West Valley City Police Department Under Scrutiny

West Valley City Police Department has been under attack from critics for the past few years fol allkinds of alleged misconduct. Recently Mayor Winder admitted being frustrated with the recent issues involving the police department and is now looking to take steps to correct problems. As such, the mayor is calling upon the city council[…]