What Does “Promptly” Mean Under Rule 1102?

Rule 1102 Allows Reliable Hearsay At Preliminary Hearings At a preliminary hearing the Utah Rules of Evidence allow for the admission of “reliable hearsay,” and further provides a definition of “reliable hearsay.” Part of that definition includes “a statement made by a child victim of physical abuse or a sexual offense which is promptly reported[…]

Angry About Imminent Parole for Child Sex Offender, Woman Starts Petition

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Michael Doporto, who has been in prison for about 20 years for child sex crime convictions is likely to be released on parole in near future.  The mother of one of the children who was sexually abused has started an online petition to keep Mr. Doporto in prison.  Her[…]

Severing Charges Stemming from Multiple Utah Sex Crime Victims

Often time in complex Utah sex crime cases there are multiple alleged victims claiming that the defendant raped or sexually assaulted them.  The prosecution loves to combine all of the alleged victims into one case because if there are multiple individuals claiming that the defendant sexually assaulted them then he must be guilty, right?  The[…]

Group A Sex Offender Restrictions in Utah

In Utah, if you are charged with certain sex offenses like a sexual battery or perhaps a statutory rape, you could be required to abide by Utah’s sex offender group A conditions.  Those conditions include: Enter into, participate, and successfully complete sex offender therapy as determined by the treating facility and therapists and as determined[…]