Driver’s License Suspension Mandatory in Utah for Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Minor in Possession and Unlawful Consumption The Utah Legislature, in all of its infinite wisdom, has mandated that any adult between the ages of 18 and 21 who is in possession of alcohol or is cited for unlawfully consuming alcohol must have his license suspended for one year.  How an 18 year old drinking in[…]

Criminal Charges and Driver’s License Suspenssion

When people receive criminal charges they are usually prepared for the common penalties of possible jail time and/or a fine. Although both these penalties can be very serious, some criminal defendants find that the harshest penalty is the suspension of their drivers license. Some criminal offenses have mandatory license suspension terms while other offenses simply[…]

Duchesne Schools Starting Drug Testing

The Duchesne County School Board has approved random drug testing for students that are participating in extracurricular activities and those kids whose parents opt them in to the program. The school board says that they want to use this drug testing as deterrent, and those testing positive could face a two-week suspension on the first[…]