SCOTUS Reviews Felony Gun Ownership Laws

If you are convicted of felony, either a state or federal felony charge, you lose certain rights going forward including the right to own firearms. The felony gun ownership laws in Utah are very harsh. The question then arises, what happens to your firearms in the event you are convicted of a felony. Can you[…]

Increasing Costs in the Criminal Justice System

National Public Radio (“NPR”) ran a very interesting story this morning about the rise in court fees and the corresponding rise in defendants serving jail time because they were unable to pay their court ordered fines, restitution, or other related costs of probation. The whole story can be read here. NPR’s investigation into the costs associated with[…]

Guilty Pleas and Plea Bargaining

Before you enter a guilty plea and/or accept a plea bargain, there are a few things you should be aware of. First, if you do not have a Salt Lake Criminal Defense Attorney representing you in the matter, you should seek one out at least to discuss the terms of your potential plea bargain. This[…]

Will the Utah State Prison Ever Move?

This year, a few select legislators are trying to get some action on moving the Utah State Prison complex out of Draper Utah. The main state prison has long sat at the lucrative Draper site near the point of the mountain. As south Salt Lake County and North Utah County have expanded over recent years[…]

Judge Finds Ron Lafferty Competent For Federal Review

U.S. District Court Judge Dee Benson recently held Ron Lafferty is competent, at least according to how federal law defines competency, to participate in the federal review of his sentence. Mr. Lafferty exhausted his appeals in state court and is now asking a federal judge to review his death sentence to prevent his execution. Counsel[…]

New Year’s Eve DUI Blitzes Net Several Arrests

Every New Year’s Eve, Utah Highway Patrol and various local agencies are on the prowl for DUI stops. This year was no different. DUI blitzes conducted all across the state of Utah brought in several DUI arrests. Last year Utah Highway Patrol arrested at least 30 people for DUIs on New Year’s Eve in Salt[…]