Warrantless Blood Draws and Utah’s Implied Consent Statute

What is Implied Consent? All 50 States have adopted implied consent laws that require motorists, as a condition of operating a motor vehicle within the State, to consent to a chemical test to if they are arrested or otherwise detained on suspicion of a drunk-driving offense in order to determine the motorist’s blood alcohol level.[…]

Utah Prime for Life DUI Classes | Certified Agencies and Other Information

Many individuals charged and sentenced with a DUI or other alcohol related charge will be required to attend a 16 hour educational series known as the Utah Prime for Life DUI classes. When searching for a provider for this class, make sure you use an agency who has been certified in this area. If you[…]

DUI Laws in Utah | DUI Lawyer in Utah

If you have been charged with drunk driving in Utah, you are facing serious penalties in a very tough system. The DUI laws in Utah seem to get tougher every year. Over the past few years the state legislature has enacted additional laws making it even tougher on individuals who drink and get behind the[…]

Salt Lake DUI Lawyer | Utah Drunk Driving Laws

A Salt Lake DUI lawyer at Utah Defenders can help you through the difficult court process that lies ahead when you are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The courts of this state are not friendly to individuals charged with these types of crimes. As such, it is extremely important for[…]

Privileged Relationships in Utah

Utah Criminal Defense Lawyer – Privileged Relationships Many clients come to our office with pending criminal charges and judicial proceedings in which a person close to them has been asked to testify against them. Questions often arise for both defendants and potential witnesses on whether or not they can be compelled by the Prosecutor or[…]

79 DUI Arrests in Utah Over Halloween Weekend

Utah DUI Lawyer | Salt Lake, Ogden, Provo Over the past Halloween weekend, Utah Highway Patrol Troopers and other law enforcement agents including local police officers across the state stopped more than 1,400 vehicles on the road and made over 79 arrests for DUI in Utah. Cops throughout the state blitzed drivers and made numerous arrests related to[…]