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There are many drug offenses in Utah for which an individual may be charged. Once you have been charged with a drug related crime such as possession, paraphernalia, distribution, or another, you need competent legal representation to ensure your rights are protected. The state of Utah aggressively pursues charges against individuals accused of committing a drug crime. It doesn’t matter if your charges are marijuana, illegal use of prescription drugs, or hard drug related, you will likely be facing harsh penalties and a difficult legal process to navigate. The Utah Criminal Defense Attorneys at Utah Defenders can help you through these hard times. Our lawyers understand the drug laws in Utah and are committed to protecting your rights through the process. We have successfully resolved many drug cases for clients charged with such crimes as:

  • Marijuana Possession - Utah still looks at weed as a “gateway” drug and so penalizes its use, sale, and possession vigorously.  The seriousness of a pot possession charge depends on how much you have.
  • Possession of Hard Drugs - Hard drugs include heroin, cocaine, LSD, meth, and “shrooms.”  Possession of any of these drugs generally results in felony charges.  Repeat convictions can result in prison time.
  • Paraphernalia Possession - Paraphernalia is a fancy term for an item that people use to help them do drugs.  Pipes, for example, are used to help people smoke certain controlled substances.  There are lots of other items that can be included as paraphernalia such as plastic baggies, syringes, rubberbands, etc.
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute - If you get caught with enough of a drug, you’ll probably get charged with this crime, which basically asserts that you are a drug dealer.
  • Drug Distribution - If you’re caught in the act of dealing a controlled substance, you’ll get charged with drug distribution.  Judges sentence “dealers” to jail or prison more consistently that those who just possess the drugs.
  • Drug Production - Cooking meth, mixing spice, growing weed, and otherwise manufacturing a controlled substance can result in first degree felony charges.
  • Traffic Stop Drug Bust - This is extremely common.  Someone is driving a car on a Utah highway, violates some minor traffic law, and law enforcement pulls over the car, finds a reason to search the car, and then drugs are found.  The legal defenses to such cases involve a multitude of different types of constitutional arguments.
  • Prescription Drugs - Prescription drugs are becoming the drug of choice for more and more people, but they carry the same consequences as abusing other types of drugs like heroin.
  • Prescription Forgery - Hand in hand with prescription drug abuse is the forging of documents to gain access to those types of drugs.  Like the illegal possession of prescription drugs, forgery of a prescription is also felony.

Utah Drug Laws – Utah Criminal Defense Lawyer

The drug laws in Utah are numerous. When searching for an attorney to defend you against drug charges in Utah, be sure you retain an advocate who understands that drug laws inside and out. A thorough knowledge of the drug laws in Utah is paramount to the successful resolution of your case. At Utah Defenders, our Utah Drug Defense Lawyers understand the Utah drug laws and stay current on the latest developments in criminal and drug law in Utah.

Utah Defenders – Aggressive Drug Crime Defenders

Beyond a thorough knowledge of the drug laws in Utah, your Utah criminal defense attorney should have the skills to mount an aggressive defense on your behalf. At Utah Defenders, our drug crimes attorneys are skilled and aggressive lawyers ready and willing to take your drug case through trial if necessary.

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