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Individuals charged with driving under the influence in Utah, commonly referred to as a DUI or drunk driving, often have many questions about the potential consequences that may follow. A DUI charge is a very serious matter and individuals charged with these crimes should seek experienced legal counsel like a DUI Attorney Salt Lake City at Utah Defenders. We represent individuals throughout the state of Utah who have been charged with a DUI or related charges. Our attorneys are skilled trial counsel who understand the DUI process and will ensure your rights are protected and work hard for the successful resolution of your case.

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DUI Laws in Utah

Utah DUI laws impose harsh penalties on individuals charged with these crime. For instance, most individuals charged with a DUI or related offense are in jeopardy of losing their drivers license for a period of time. Additionally, an interlock device, fines, work service, jail time, and other penalties may apply. If your DUI case goes to trial, you may be faced with an unforgiving jury and difficult prosecution. Do not delay in getting a defense team like a DUI Attorney Salt Lake City at Utah Defenders who is capable of taking your case the distance.

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The legal process involving a DUI charge can be difficult. Don’t make the mistake of proceeding without an attorney, or the mistake of pleading guilty without consulting competent legal representation. At Utah Defenders, our attorneys are skilled in DUI representation. We are aggressive and skilled trial attorneys who can help to ensure your rights  are protected. Our criminal defense lawyers will guide you through these difficult times. Click on the following for additional information:

Whether it is is driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated/impaired (DWI), or other DUI charge, we can help.

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We want to be your DUI defense team. For the most skilled DUI Attorney Salt Lake City contact us to take advantage of a free consultation. We can be reached anytime by phone or email. Call us now to get started on your case – 801.618.1334. We represent individuals throughout the state of Utah from Logan to St. George. You can also email us anytime.

Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

For DUI cases in Salt Lake City Justice Court, a standard sentencing term is that the defendant has to attend what’s known as a “Victim’s Impact Panel” put on by Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD).  It is held the fourth Wednesday of every month from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  It is a short class dedicated to teaching those convicted of DUI how their actions and the actions of others who have driven drunk have affected the lives of innocent people such as victims of car accidents resulting from drunk driving.  For more information about the Victim’s Impact Panel or about MADD and what it does, you can visit the MADD website.

The Alcohol Abuse Assessment

If you are found guilty or enter into a plea arrangement for a DUI or impaired driving chances are the court will require you to undergo an alcohol abuse assessment to determine your risk for substance abuse.  The results of the assessment will determine what type of substance abuse treatment you will have to do.  For most first time offenders, the court will require the basic Prime for Life substance abuse class which is a 16 hour course.  For those residing in Salt Lake County we recommend Assessment and Referral Services because they conduct only the assessment and do not do the treatment which follows, which means they have no incentive to over-assess.

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