Utah Law Reform: Drug Possession No Longer A Felony

Drug Possession Is A Common Offense In a sweeping move which was totally unexpected and unusual (for Utah), the Utah Legislature effectively passed legislation to reduce the population in its jails and prisons by significant numbers. How? By reducing the criminal classification of those who are convicted of drug possession from a felony to a misdemeanor[…]

The 12 Steps of a Drug Recognition Evaluation

When people think about impaired driving most people think of the typical alcohol-induced DUI, but drugs are involved in almost as many impaired driving cases.  There are some tests that have been developed specifically to detect the involvement of drugs in an impaired driving case.  The test is called a drug recognition evaluation or DRE.[…]

HB 105: Medical Cannabis Proposal in Utah

Representative Gage Froerer has introduced House Bill 105 which exempts qualified individuals from the penalties of the controlled substances act which makes hemp extract illegal when it is used for qualifying purposes.  It also permits the Department of Health to issue a hemp extract registration card to qualified individuals. “Hemp extract” is any extract from a[…]

Supreme Court Finally Sets Limit to Searches by Drug Sniffing Dogs

Florida v. Jardines It appears the US Supreme Court finally got something right when it comes to drug dog searches.  This year the supremes decides Florida v. Jardines.  In that case Detective Pedraja in Miami received an unverified tip that Jardines was growing marijuana in his home.  A month after receiving the tip Pedraja decided[…]